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The current membership fee is £5 which is now for the Life of the Association. The small charge keeps the site free from commercial advertising and scammers.

We are an non-profit making organisation and once internet/server overheads are paid all remaining money is donated to charity.

Over the the past few years the RNLI has benefited greatly from our donations.

Paid membership provides the following enhancements:

  • Access to certain locked items such as the Gallery and the Market Place.
  • The ability to post and edit forum messages and replies with immediate visibility (unmoderated), since the identity of the author is known.
  • The ability to post,edit & delete marketplace adverts with immediate visibility.


We now have Club Burgees. These are £15 including package and posting. Choose the payment option from the drop down box below. Please be aware that these are sent out directly from the supplier THE SEWING ARK

Should you have any problems please contact GINA directly on or her facebook page

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