535 stringers and knees

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535 stringers and knees

Post by Petemcglynn »


I know absolutely nothing about boats, except, they're pricey, and a great deal of fun.

Ive bought myself what I believe to be a 1969 535 which has evidently been modified a little over the decades.

What I'm after is a little advice. I have removed all the exterior fittings and interior flooring, also the stringers and cross supports as they were almost rotted through.

The 535 has a couple of crevasses that run the length of the hull approx a foot each side of centre. These appear to have pipes, fibreglassed in since first manufacture at a guess, which run down the majority of the length, but don't breach the hull.

As I am having to replace the wooden structural reinforcement anyway, should I also remove, reinstate, fill with resin or ignore these little blighters that seem to have not aided the draining of the bilge area of my newest project.

Like I said, I'm brand new to boats and this is my first project. The learning curve has already been pretty vertical, but my thinking is that if I'm going back to a grp bubble, then it'd be best to do everything whilst the opportunity is there.

This was a very reasonable purchase in my opinion, especially being my first foray, and I'm enjoying the journey immensely already, especially as I haven't had her in the water yet. Any advice as to construction, hull compartmentalising, features and interior design would also be hugely appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: 535 stringers and knees

Post by vreagh »

On the very early 535s (a model called Shetland 69) the mouldings on the hull a foot either side of the keel, cover what is in fact steel rebar as used in concrete structures. Also set within the keel is a solid 1 1/4 inch steel bar which runs from just in front of the centre part of the seating to a foot or so in front of the transom.

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