Blackhawk19 cabin floor

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Blackhawk19 cabin floor

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Hi there,

Looking to get some advice on cabin floor on Blackhawk, has anyone had issues with water entering the closed cell foam, I have ripped out old foam and looking to replace, or has anyone taken this out completely, how does this affect bouyancy? Was looking to remove completely and make floor boards, then fill middle locker in cockpit with foam to compensate.

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Andy Bell
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Re: Blackhawk19 cabin floor

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The 5xx series seem particularly prone to this problem. Does the Blackhawk have timber ribs? If so, check for rot and make sure everything is thoroughly dry before repairing. The foam I understand is in part for stability and buoyancy. It will stop the boat completely sinking rather than keep it afloat. Personally I would replace it, others use plastic bottles or ball room play balls.
Most important is finding the source of the leak. Often it is leaky windows, or the Houdini hatch, might be the anchor locker, or behind the rubbing strip (where the hull and cabin join). My 4+2 leaked everywhere! last bit after I thought I'd won, was the bow rail mountings.
Keep us posted, and post some pictures.
Cheers, Clive
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