Arbroath Slipway - a warning

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Arbroath Slipway - a warning

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Hi all
Tried the new public slip in Arbroath a week past Friday - big mistake!

I was a little nervous being fairly new to reversing a trailer but managed fine, even with the near 90 deg turn half way down the slip. There is rock armour on both sides all the way down so get it right or risk damage. After the turn it's quite a shallow entry, even at 45 Minutes before high tide it was tricky but we got her off with me on board. I made my way through the marked channel, and into the inner harbour pontoon jetty to wait for my mate Danny, who was parking the car & trailer, there is no jetty at the slip to load gear and passengers, the pontoon is 10 minutes walk from slip!
As this was a test run we went out about 1.5 miles up along the cliffs and back in a heavy swell, "Ruby" my 535 handled it well and the Outboard ran perfectly. Now for the retrieve!

Now Full tide and slack water, Nosed in close to slip, Danny jumped off the bow To get the car; before I could back off, the skeg grounded then she was pushed round and beached on the rough beach with much crunching. Danny was trying to fend off and push me back out with no luck.
This slip has another major flaw - It's open to the sea on the South East side allowing any swell to come in and cross the slip.

Anyway - long story short (ish) Got her afloat after unloading anything that would move and back to the pontoon, Harbour master was helpful and let me have a free night in the Marina. Went back Saturday and it was a flat calm, my Wife god bless her, drove the trailer to Broughty ferry slip (her first time towing - did a good job!) Danny and I motored the 20 mile in pleasant but misty conditions and had an easy retrieve.

Damage - MINOR scrapes and scuffs to keel and hull, about an hours work with a bit of gel coat repair. They sure built these babies strong and tough!!

On speaking with a few locals it would appear that nobody uses that slip twice! they can't understand why it was built there or with that design and no jetty. LESSON LEARNT All future launches from Broughty Ferry or Stonehaven slipways.
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Re: Arbroath Slipway - a warning

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Great post


we need more like this.

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