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Sorry posted this on main board then saw Scotland page

Hi all from a 56yo newbie with no sailing experience.

I've seen a Shetland 640 with an old 2stroke Yamaha 70 outboard for sale at around £2500, is this way to cheap even though an older craft. I don't want to buy something that will cost more to put right. I'm looking to potter about on weekends, days off and holidays with the mrs. are these able to sleep in?

Thanks in advance
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Hi Jim,
I'm just down the road from you in Dunbar, and I have bought a 570, and I'm doing up a trailer to transport it home so I can work on it. Your boat is a decent size and yes you can kip out on it. My craft is an absolute shed, but then I got it for sweeties. The whole point in getting it in the first place was to keep idle hands busy, plus I luvit, and the wife, believe it or not, is right into doing it up. It was this or a Harley!! I've not told her but I'm still having the Harley too. :D However, if your paying that kind of money I would expect it to be in fairly good order. if it comes with a trailer go for it. you won't regret the time spent on it. I should have done it years ago. there are sites you can go on to book lessons on small power boat handling as well as a VHF radio user course, I would strongly suggest doing them, they are well worth it. hope this sways you.

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re courses speak to Euan at You and Sea RYA training in Rhu and as stated on your other post there are a few things not right about the 640 being sold. If I can help feel free to call

0759 563 8185, Brokergae, Trailers, advice, boat transportation 0759 563 8185

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