Welcome to the Thames!

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Welcome to the Thames!

Post by cpfcgreg »

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much to Admin for setting up this River Thames group. I must have counted at least 30 other Shetlands on the River so I thought we could do with a place to chat about all things River Thames.

I'm Greg, I'm relatively new to the Shetland community having bought a 4+2 about 18 months ago. She's currently at Walton Marina although I am currently upsizing to a 27 subject to survey. I've spent much of last year on the River Wey and this year upstream around Windsor, Henley, Marlow and Reading exploring those areas, hoping next year to brave the tidal Thames and maybe get up further towards Oxford.

If there's anyone else out there please say hello and I'll try and spread the word of the forum amongst anyone I bump into!
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Re: Welcome to the Thames!

Post by Clive »

Hi! We have a 4+2 which we launch at Stoke Lock in Guildford. We are Guildford based and previously live in Ham overlooking the Lensbury Club and Teddington Lock. We had a Maryland 16 then and bought Obsession X last year. A very sound boat but needed rewiring and discovered it leaked at front window and starboard rubbing strip (which I started on today). Cos life gets in the way we only managed two trips last year and none this year, but our large garden looks great! We may to take her out but I want to make her water tight before winter and get everything done. She is on a trailer at our house and had a complete refit before we bought her from boat discovery at Windsor Marina.
Where are you based?
4+2 (1989) 35hp Honda outboard, in Guildford on trailer.
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Re: Welcome to the Thames!

Post by Mark0405 »

1978 Family 4 based just outside Oxford. She needs a good clean and a bit of a refit but on the whole not in bad condition.
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Re: Welcome to the Thames!

Post by 535Mustard »

Hi Greg.
I recently sold my 535 but have 4m RIB which is licenced for the Thames. I live in West Berkshire, so my nearest Thames slip is pangbourne.
I tend to launch in the winter when I'm too lazy to go down the coast lol
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